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DISC Personality Profile Test

Discover your personality with DISC, the #1 profiling system in the world.
IDSIC Three more options to suit you

Features Included

  • Blockbuster Actors
    Watch clips of your favorite actors bring each personality type to life!

  • Type/Anti-Type
    Learn which types clash and how they can work together effectively.

  • Goal-Tracking System
    Share your profile and track your progress online.

  • Easy Report Access
    Scores are easy to download and print, and the e-learning never expires.

How the IDISC™ Works

In just 10 minutes, it raises your self-awareness by revealing the strengths and weaknesses inherent in your unique personality profile along the four DISC dimensions: Dominant, Interpersonal, Steady, and Conscientious. You’ll discover your scores in each dimension, which of the 14 personality types best describes you, and your anti-type. Results bring personality to life via an unlimited e-learning program featuring Hollywood movies and a virtual coach. Use IDISC in groups to increase appreciation of different work styles and improve communication and teamwork.

Why it Works

The IDISC personality profile test was created by experts in psychological assessment and is supported by research on hundreds of thousands of responses.

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IDISC Online
  • Purchase the Online format and get immediate access to your survey(s).

  • Scores are revealed the moment the test is completed.


IDISC Booklet
  • Take and score the test by hand in just 20 minutes.

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IDISC Consultant Edition
  • Scores are hidden from participants.

  • Great for coaches and trainers who need to see participants' scores before they do.